We face off against the BLM in Court TOMORROW (June 9, 2022). Here’s how to listen.

Tomorrow at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern), Judge Du of United States District Court District of Nevada will hold brief hearing for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Reno Sparks Indian Colony to present arguments related to how BLM lawyers handled the administrative record production for the lawsuit against Lithium Nevada Corporation and the BLM.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: On April 4th, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony filed a motion alleging that the BLM illegally excluded 8,000 documents related to the lawsuit against the Thacker Pass lithium mine. The planned mine, which was permitted under a Trump Administration “fast track,” is facing several lawsuits, public protests, and resistance from environmentalists, tribes, and local ranchers.

The BLM is poised to hand over thousands of acres of public land to a private company to destroy, all while lying to the public—or at least, acting with gross incompetence. Is this what we want?

You can join us on a phone call to listen in on tomorrow’s court proceedings to hear to the BLM attempt to explain their lies and mishandling of these documents:

“Members of the public may access and listen to the hearing by calling 888-251-2909, at least 5 minutes before the scheduled hearing time. The access code is 3803398 and the pass code is 060922. Telephonic participants must mute their telephone after identifying themselves to the courtroom administrator. Telephonic participants must not place their telephone on hold during the hearing.

Persons granted remote access to proceedings are reminded of the general prohibition against photographing, recording, and rebroadcasting of court proceedings. Violation of these prohibitions may result in sanctions, including removal of court issued media credentials, restricted entry to future hearings, denial of entry to future hearings, or any other sanctions deemed necessary by the Court.”