In this resistance update from Thacker Pass, Max shares some of the incredible species that make up the rich Thacker Pass ecology. Some people look out over the sagebrush sea and see “wasteland” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wildflowers, sagebrush, sage-grouse, perennial grasses, pronghorn, rabbits, golden eagles, and so many more make their homes at Thacker Pass and throughout the Great Basin region.

Politicians and the corporations who lobby them have decided that Thacker Pass and places like it are sacrifice zones. They don’t seem to care at all about the land that provides everything we need to live — the food, the medicines, the clean water, the clean air. This land provided for the Paiute Shoshone tribal people for generations. All of this will be blown up to extract lithium to make luxury goods that we absolutely do not need to live.

As Max says in this video: we live on the only known habitable planet in the entire Universe, and corporations and policy makers are killing the planet as fast as they can so they can all get just a little bit richer.

This is why we must HOLD THE LINE at Thacker Pass.

Join us to #ProtectThackerPass and #DefendTheSacred. Place your loyalty with land and life because only clear air, clean water, and intact land and habitat are what allows us to breathe another breath every day on this beautiful planet we call home.


Thank you Max!!