Jackrabbits are actually hares, not rabbits. They used to be plentiful in the sagebrush-steppe across the US West but are declining in numbers due to over development and habitat loss. 

Jackrabbits are a sagebrush obligate species, meaning they need sagebrush to survive. They primarily use sagebrush as cover, hanging out in forms they make under the brush by using the same spot again and again. Jackrabbits eat mostly grass, yarrow, springparsley, and tumblemustard.

During the hottest part of the day, jackrabbits rest in the shade of sagebrush and other bushy plants, with their ears flattened against their backs. Their ears help to keep them cool as blood passes into their big ears and cools. 

Jackrabbits are the principal prey of golden eagles, and also are a food source for owls, hawks, coyotes, and ravens.

A lithium mine at Thacker Pass will destroy a huge area of sagebrush-steppe, critical habitat for jackrabbits. 

One more reason to resist.