We have received some amazing artwork over the 2.5 years of Protect Thacker Pass… thank you to all the artists who have sent in your creative responses to what’s happening at Thacker Pass / Peehee Mu’huh.

Yesterday we received this amazing piece of art from a supporter, Carolina Caycedo. It’s titled “Lithium Intensive, 2022” and is part of a larger series of art works called “Materials Intensive”. This drawing truly captures so much about the material reality of lithium and lithium mining: the impacts on the natural world and the people who live near the mines, the materials refining, the products manufacturing, and the waste disposal once the products are used up.

Thank you so much Carolina for sharing your beautiful and evocative art with us and allowing us to share it with the Protect Thacker Pass community.

Image by Carolina Caycedo. Lithium Intensive, 2022. Color pencil on paper. Courtesy of the artist.