That moment when you realize so called “green technology” isn’t really green.

Lithium Americas Corporation claims Thacker Pass Mine will be “green” and that the technology it is built to supply — electric car batteries — is green, too. But, of course, none of this is really green. The mine will blow out the side of a mountain, including 5,694.8 acres of land for an open pit to extract lithium, chemical processing facilities, and piles of waste rock and toxic tailings; it will include a lithium processing plant, a sulfuric acid plant, a new electric substation, a 7-mile-long powerline, and a 7-mile-long water pipeline; it will use thousands of acre feet of water per year and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel per day (emitting CO2 in large quantities, along with many other toxins); and it will require 60-200 one way trips by heavy trucks carrying nasty stuff (molten sulfur, soda ash, quicklime, caustic soda, and fuels) each day.

If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention.

Green Scream by Travis London, Deep Green Arts

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