Activist questions if batteries will save the planet or cause more harm than good

By Brian Bahouth

There is one working lithium mine in the United States, the Silver Peak brine mine located near Goldfield, Nevada. Last Friday, the US Bureau of Land Management approved the nation’s second lithium mine roughly 70 miles north of Winnemucca, Nevada, the Thacker Pass Lithium Project.

Canadian developer Lithium Nevada has put forward a plan that they say will make for a carbon-neutral, open-pit mine operation in service to the larger green economy hungry for lithium. The company says the Thacker Pass mine will greatly enhance the nation’s domestic ability to meet the fast-growing lithium demand for electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, large and small.

The mine is expected to provide as many as 1,000 jobs during construction and 300 ongoing jobs for the 46-year life of the project.

But since the mine was approved last Friday, Max Wilbert and Will Falk have been camped out at the mine site and are working to get others to join them in their effort to prevent the development of the Thacker Pass mine.

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