As a culture, we are addicted to industrial civilization. Like heroin, meth, alcohol, or crack, addiction to industrial civilization is dangerous.

According to a 2007 Cornell University study, 40% of all human deaths are caused by water, air, and soil pollution. In 2019, around 58.39 million people died, which means that in 2019, the addiction to industrial civilization killed 23,356,000 people. That’s around double the annual death toll of World War II.

That death toll does not include people who die in car crashes, in workplace accidents, from diseases and pandemics largely caused by industrial civilization, from suicide and other mental health struggles due to the culture we live in, or from other causes that result from industrial civilization.

That death toll also does not include non-humans. It doesn’t include the 100-200 *entire species* being driven extinct every day. It doesn’t include the millions of animals and trillions of insects killed by vehicles. It doesn’t include the collapsing coral reefs, the collapsing songbird populations, the collapsing amphibian populations. It doesn’t include the collapse in old forests, old sagebrush, old grasslands.

Addicts are not in control of their behavior. The addiction itself takes control. The drug is in charge. Sometimes with addicts, you have to draw a line. You have to act in their best interests, and you must at all costs stop them from harming others. Here at Thacker Pass we are staging an intervention to stop the addicts from accessing their drug, and from harming life itself.

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