We need your help! We need you to call and write Craig Young with Far Western Anthropological Research Group and oppose the looting of native people and culture at Thacker Pass.

Thacker Pass, NV is on the chopping block for destruction in the name of a 400-foot deep lithium mining pit. There are over 1,000 cultural sites and 58 historical sites in the crosshairs of this destruction. In order to get a permit, the mining company Lithium America has hired cultural looters from Far Western to dig up sacred cultural artifacts, place them in boxes, and store them far away from their land and their people.


Protect Thacker Pass calls on our supporters to tell Far Western Anthropological Research Group not to destroy or desecrate the Paiute massacre site, artifacts, cultural resources, or potential burial sites in Thacker Pass.

Craig Young with Far Western is the principal orchestrator of this theft and he needs to hear from us! We need to demand that they pull out of this project and protect Thacker Pass and the people who call this place home.


Email: craig@farwestern.com
Phone: (775) 847-0223 Extension 213

A sample email / call script is pasted below. Feel free to add your own thoughts, too.

You can also SHOW UP in front of Far Western’s regional office in Carson City, Nevada, on JULY 7th at 11am.

SUBJECT: Cancel your project with Lithium America at Thacker Pass

Dr. Young,

I stand in solidarity with those who oppose the proposed lithium mine at Thacker Pass. I demand that you put a stop to Far Western’s planned exhumation of native cultural sites and remains at this site.

From a native perspective, removing artifacts, burial sites or anything of that sort is bad medicine. Many traditions teach that we risk sickness if we remove or take those things. Regional tribal members do not want any artifacts or burial sites in Thacker Pass or anywhere in the surrounding area to be taken for any reason. Taking these artifacts and disturbing burial sites would constitute yet another shameful chapter in a long history of settlers trying to destroy native history and culture.

I should not have to remind you of your own ethical principles as archaeologists. Due to inadequate consultation with indigenous peoples, you are in violation of the ethical principles of your discipline. What’s worse, you are about to violate the ethics of the human family. Given the strong indigenous opposition to the proposed digging, what you are about to do at Thacker Pass is essentially looting and grave-robbing. Please change course before it is too late. If you do not, you must expect consequences in the court of public opinion.


Thank you!

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