Dear Protect Thacker Pass Supporters –

We are reaching out to you for help making a video about Thacker Pass! If you are able and willing, please record yourself talking about Thacker Pass and why it’s important to protect this special place. If you have been to Thacker Pass, you can talk about what makes this place special to you, personally. You can describe why Thacker Pass is important historically. You can talk about why Thacker Pass is critical habitat for the many species who live there.

To create the video:

  • Use high quality video recording device, e.g. a camera or iPhone in high quality mode.
  • Use a tripod or other device for keeping the camera steady.
  • Test your set up to make sure the audio comes through, and record in a quiet place.
  • Say your name (first, or first and last) and the general area where you live (no specifics necessary).
  • Speak from the heart about why Thacker Pass matters to you.
  • Keep the video short – 1 or 2 minutes long is all that is needed.

Once you’ve completed your recording, check the video to make sure it was recorded properly and the audio quality is good. Upload the video to a public location where we can download it easily and send us the link.

Thank you!!!!