Today marks 3 MONTHS / 90 DAYS since our protest camp was established. The situation remains URGENT. The destruction of Thacker Pass may be imminent in coming weeks and months. Now is the time to make plans to visit camp, put pressure on the government and politicians and agencies like NDEP and BLM, and prepare to escalate!

Let’s take a moment and reflect on what has happened so far.

đź’§January 15th – Camp established. Two people present on-site.
đź’§January 26th – Golden eagles mating over Thacker Pass.
đź’§January 27th-29th – Blizzard conditions. Sideways winds, subzero temperatures, and a foot of snow.
đź’§February 2nd – BLM attempts to evict protesters from camp.
đź’§February 4th – Golden light on falling snow day.
đź’§February 9th – Bobcat tracks in the fresh snow day.
đź’§March 2nd – First protest with Fort McDermitt Tribe families against the proposed lithium mine.
đź’§March 19th – Prayer run reaches Thacker Pass, sacred fire lit.
đź’§March 22nd – Allies hold protest at Lithium Americas headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.
đź’§March 28th – Meadowlarks singing every morning.
đź’§March 29th – Fort McDermitt tribal council resolves to cancel agreement with mining company and initiate lawsuit.
đź’§April 1st – Sage-grouse mating season begins in earnest.
đź’§April 10th – Last major gathering, 80+ people visit camp.
đź’§April 15th – Three month anniversary, 90 DAYS on-site.

The coalition is growing stronger all the time. Check out this slideshow of photos from the last three months at #ProtectThackerPass.

Thank you so much to Chanda and Daranda from Fort McDermitt Shoshone Paiute for this wonderful video!