Several false statements have been circulating about Protect Thacker Pass co-founders Max Wilbert and Will Falk in the media as part of a calculated effort to sabotage our opposition to the Thacker Pass lithium mine—an effort that is being encouraged by Lithium Americas Corporation and their public relations firm.

Protect Thacker Pass wants to clarify that the People of Red Mountain did not fire Will Falk and Terry Lodge.

Falk and Lodge had to withdraw their representation of the People of Red Mountain because the People of Red Mountain spread false information that Lithium Nevada was teaming up with the Winnemucca Indian Colony to build a man camp on Colony land. People of Red Mountain also spread false information about the Winnemucca Indian Colony Council members not being Native. By spreading these rumors, the People of Red Mountain created a conflict of interest for Falk’s and Lodge’s other clients in this case, and the Rules of Professional Conduct required that Falk and Lodge withdraw.

Statements that the People of Red Mountain “fired” Falk and Lodge over transphobia are patently false. Falk and Lodge terminated the relationship to protect the legal case.

When Wilbert and Falk started the Protect Thacker Pass camp, they created a list of rules. One of those rules is a zero tolerance for abuse (including threats, bullying, harassment, and violence) of any kind. This includes zero tolerance for abuse against people who identify as transgender. If a person who identifies as transgender was abused at Thacker Pass, the abuser would be asked to leave. Similarly, Wilbert and Falk have been willing to work with anyone who will work to stop the Thacker Pass mine. This includes people who identify as transgender.

We have taken a stand against division and for unity from the beginning of this campaign because infighting plays directly into the hands of Lithium Americas Corporation and those who wish to destroy this incredible place. The mining company has been unable to refute the hard facts of the pollution, destruction, and harm to sacred sites the mine would cause. They have been rocked by three lawsuits and our determined, strategic campaign of public opposition. We are determined to continue to protect Thacker Pass.