The stars shone bright last night above the Ox Sam Newe Momokonee Nokutun (“Indigenous Women’s Camp”) at Peehee Mu’huh, also known as Thacker Pass, in Northern Nevada, where a tipi has been erected and ceremony has been ongoing for two days and two nights blocking the construction of a water pipeline for Lithium Nevada’s open-pit lithium mine.

Ox Sam Camp is named after one of the only survivors of the 1865 Thacker Pass Massacre, a man who was the direct ancestor of the many of the people who are gathered here. Federal soldiers massacred at least 31 Paiutes in Peehee Mu’huh. This massacre site will be destroyed by the mine.

In other words, in 1865, the federal government massacred Paiutes resisting mining encroachments on their land in Peehee Mu’huh. Now, the federal government has permitted Lithium Nevada, a mining corporation encroaching on Paiute land, to destroy the evidence of that massacre.

Elders are asking for supporters to come to the site and take part in the ongoing ceremony of protection for water and for the land.

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