In January 2021, shortly after beginning the Protect Thacker Pass campaign with Max Wilbert, Will Falk wrote these words:

“Sometime, in the history of civilization, some humans developed a strange and horribly destructive belief that they were justified in controlling and killing other-than-humans and other-than-human communities to serve human interests. This belief grew to be so widely-accepted that most people think you’re crazy for questioning it.”

Over the past 14 months, we’ve experienced many times how many people think we’re crazy for questioning BLM and NDEP and Lithium Americas for trying to control and kill the land at Thacker Pass to serve government and corporate interests.

The government representatives of the BLM and NDEP think we’re crazy. The company thinks we’re crazy. The media often think we’re crazy. Lots of other people who believe that we “need” lithium because we “need” cars to “solve climate change” think we’re crazy.

All of these people want to control the land by killing the land and all those who live on the land. They justify killing the land because they think humans and our cars are more important than the land and all those who live on the land.

Once, this idea of controlling and killing the land would have been seen as insane, because once, humans understood that we are the land, and we cannot live if the land does not live.

10,000 years ago, everyone would have understood that. Then slowly, over time, as humans learned to rip up the land to get more “resources”, this domination of the natural world became normal for humans. Humans born into the kind of world that controls the land, that kills the land, that hates the land and the life who depend on that land, forgot that without the living land we all will suffer, who forgot that we humans are utterly dependent on the living land, who forgot that the beings who live on the land are our brothers and sisters.

We’re not the crazy ones. They are. They who want to destroy this land by controlling it, by dominating it, by killing it are the ones who have been made crazy by the myth of human supremacy.

#ProtectThackerPass #LoyaltyToLandAndLife

Photo by Max Wilbert