Take action!

This is a CRITICAL MOMENT for the Thacker Pass opposition. The State of Nevada recently issued permits allowing the mining company to pollute air and water, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is preparing to desecrate the sacred sites of Peehee Mu’huh by digging up the resting places of those killed in the 1865 Thacker Pass massacre.

Join us in speaking out against this desecration!


  1. Call Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and ask her to revoke the permits for the Thacker Pass lithium mine. Ask that the Department of the Interior order the Bureau of Land Management to stop any disturbance of cultural sites in Thacker Pass so that meaningful, government-to-government consultation can happen with local tribes. And finally, request that Secretary Haaland personally meet with representatives of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Burns Paiute Tribe, and Winnemucca Indian Colony to hear their concerns about the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project. Call 202-208-3100, then Press 3, then press 0 to leave a comment, or email feedback@ios.doi.gov (and copy your email to contact at protectthackerpass.org).
  2. Call Raul Grijalva, Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee at (202) 225-2435 (or web contact) and ask him to investigate the crimes being committed at Thacker Pass against Native American Tribes.
  3. Call Far Western Anthropological Research Group, and tell them they are about to desecrate a sacred site against the wishes of regional tribes. Call both numbers, (530) 756-3941 and (775) 847-0223, or email craig@farwestern.com (and copy your email to contact at protectthackerpass.org).
  4. Call Kathleen Rehberg, BLM Field Manager at Humboldt River Field Office and tell her this illegal project will not stand! 775-623-1739 or krehberg@blm.gov (and copy your email to contact at protectthackerpass.org).


Express your opposition to this project and demand the permits be rejected and rolled back.

  • Introduce yourself. If you’re a tribal member, or have relevant qualifications, say so.
  • Say “I am concerned about the planned Thacker Pass lithium mine in Northern Nevada.”
  • Tell them that “Three federally-recognized tribes have sued the BLM over this project, alleging there was NO consultation with native tribes. This is illegal!”
  • Use facts from our factsheet
  • Say “Thank you.”

More you can do:

  • SIGN UP for Protect Thacker Pass updates.
  • FOLLOW US on social media and help spread the word: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use #ProtectThackerPass
  • EDUCATE yourself by studying material on this web site.
  • SPEAK: Write letters to the editor to local and regional papers in Nevada, surrounding states, and globally.
  • BE PREPARED to come to the site to protest the illegal desecration!