This beautiful painting of a pygmy rabbit was gifted to us by supporter Alice D. Thank you so much Alice!

The pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) is native to the United States and lives primarily in the Great Basin region.

The pygmy rabbit is an endangered species in WA state and a species of special concern in Nevada and federally.

Preferring habitat with deep, loose soils, pygmy rabbits dig their own burrows (rather than using burrows dug by other animals), which they usually locate on slopes at the base of sagebrush plants, facing to the north and east. Most burrows have  multiple entrances and can extend several feet with multiple chambers.

The sagebrush-steppe is critical habitat for pygmy rabbits. The rabbits use tall, dense, old sagebrush for shelter and for food. They are reluctant to cross open space. 

Pygmy rabbit habitat loss is primarily caused by oil and gas, mining, development, and fragmentation of sagebrush-steppe. In some areas wildfires can decimate rabbit populations, so increased cattle grazing which exacerbates wildfire risk is also hurting the rabbits. 

The Thacker Pass lithium mine would destroy a vast area of this critical habitat for pygmy rabbits.

One more reason to resist.