by Travis London, Deep Green Arts


Medium sized cat that has varying home ranges between 4-8 sq miles. 

Primarily solitary, the bobcat is able to survive for long periods without food, but eats heavily when prey is abundant. Bobcats hunt by stalking their prey and then ambushing with a short chase or pounce. At Thacker Pass, bobcats most likely feed on small rodents, rabbits and ground birds. Bobcats have been known to kill deer, pronghorn and even to hunt elk.

Bobcats have been hunted by humans extensively both for “sport” and for fur. They have also been impacted significantly by rodenticide use. 777 were reported killed in 2019 by the Agriculture Department’s “Wildlife Services.”

The introduction of a heavily industrial mining operation would eliminate all presence of this beautiful and reclusive feline.

One more reason to resist.