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This sacred, biodiverse, and culturally important place should not be turned into an open-pit mine. Instead, it should be protected forever. We are collecting petition signatures to send to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland requesting that she rescind the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project permit and to protect Thacker Pass in perpetuity.

Please lend your voice to help Protect Thacker Pass / Peehee Mu’huh for future generations.

Petition to Protect Thacker Pass

Dear Secretary Haaland,

We are a grassroots collective working to protect Thacker Pass, Nevada from Lithium Nevada's Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project. This lithium mine project is opposed by native Americans from regional tribes, four environmental groups, local rancher Ed Bartell, and thousands of people who have participated in the Protect Thacker Pass Campaign.

Thacker Pass has historical significance to regional tribes. It is the site of two massacres; one that took place in pre-history, and another that took place on September 12, 1865, when the US Cavalry murdered 30-70 Paiutes. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the Northern Paiutes lived in a very large territory that includes parts of what are now California, Oregon, and Nevada. The Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project would harm the aboriginal territory of the the Paiute people, who have buried their ancestors in the rocks at Thacker Pass, and used the area to hunt and gathered traditional foods.

Thacker Pass has great significance to the three hundred or more species who make their homes at Thacker Pass, or who use Thacker Pass for part of the year for migration and reproduction. Thacker Pass is home to the Kings River Pyrg, and endangered snail who lives nowhere else, as well as threatened Greater sage-grouse and Golden Eagles. Members of the Protect Thacker Pass campaign have seen sage-grouse lekking at Thacker Pass, and Golden Eagles flying over. In this time of biodiversity crisis and sixth mass extinction, we must do everything we can to protect what little wildlife we have left. These wildlife along with the many others at Thacker Pass deserve their habitat to remain intact.

We urge you to rescind the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine Project permit and to protect Thacker Pass in perpetuity.

Thank you!

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As a movement for the health of our earth, the people that live here, and the health of the ecosystems necessary for life of any kind on this planet, we are always expanding, growing, learning, and resisting. If you feel called to help Thacker Pass and/or help with related actions, we would love to hear from you!