A Committee of Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribal Members who practice their traditions has formed to oppose the Thacker Pass Open Pit Lithium Mine project. The Committee is named Atsa-Koodakuh-Wyh Nuwu (People of Red Mountain) and they ask you to show your opposition to the mine by signing this petition.

Save Our Hunter-Gatherer Ways. Help us protect Thacker Pass – Peehee mu’huh

Protect Thacker Pass works in solidarity with, and in support of, the traditional Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone tribal members who have come together to form a committee, Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu (People of Red Mountain) to stop the Thacker Pass Open Pit Lithium Mine. Please consider donating to Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu’s fundraiser. All donations will cover expenses such as events, food, gas, supplies, legal aid, traveling costs, other necessities, etc. If you’re wondering who to donate to between Protect Thacker Pass and Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu, please donate to Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu!

Go Fund Me: https://gofund.me/9a4cbb15