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We welcome supporters of the campaign to join us at Thacker Pass!

Stay for a week, stay for a month, stay for as long as it takes. Just be prepared to 1) follow our rules, 2) follow the CoViD protocol, and 3) come prepared with the equipment you need to be safe in this high desert environment.

About Protect Thacker Pass Camp

Thacker Pass is a low mountain pass located at 4800 feet in northern Nevada, near the Oregon border, north of the town of Winnemucca. It is located in the heart of the Great Basin, the “sagebrush sea,” and is home to silence, vast starry night skies, and the daily howls of coyotes.

We have setup Protect Thacker Pass protest camp to defend Thacker Pass from Lithium Americas corporation, which plans to build a massive open-pit mine by ripping out the heart of this rich desert ecosystem.

We are here to protect our Mother Earth against this desecration. Lithium mining for electric car batteries is not “green,” it’s more of the same.

We need your help! This protest will only be successful at stopping Thacker Pass from being developed if there is an outpouring of support from the community. We need people at three levels:

  • Permanent / long-term occupiers to join us at camp
  • Temporary visitors to resupply us, connect with the land, and be ambassadors back in your communities
  • Community support from everyone who wants to see this place protected, who can help us with digital and phone actions, pressure campaigns, media, fundraising, and more.

Why you should come

Read Will Falk’s Why I Protect Thacker Pass to learn why you should join us to resist this lithium mine.

Protect Thacker Pass Blockade Policies

These policies apply to all people associated with Protect Thacker Pass Blockade regardless of capacity or time of arrival.


Protectors are dedicated to defending Thacker Pass, and in doing so, welcome people from all walks of life.  We are actively dedicated to creating a safe, respectful, and empowering space for all visitors and are committed to ending all forms of oppression within our camp community.

We do not tolerate discriminatory, abusive, or oppressive behavior of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: physical or sexual assault; verbal abuse including unsupportive commentary about dietary needs or preferences; sexual harassment; the use of racist, sexist, homophobic, or other oppressive language; bullying; and all forms of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, class, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality, physical ability, ethnicity, ability, activist experience or lack thereof, parenthood, health status, employment status, immigration status, level of education, veteran status, physical appearance, etc.

If such behavior occurs, leadership will take appropriate action.


Thacker Pass Camp is committed to nonviolence and has a zero tolerance policy for physical, sexual, and verbal violence. If anyone threatens violence or commits physical or sexual assault or abuse, violators will be required to leave the camp immediately.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated at Thacker Pass Blockade. This includes, but is not limited to: unwanted flirting, touching, and/or sexual advances; expectation of sexual favors in exchange for a benefit such as getting or keeping a task; crude, degrading, or unwanted sexual comments, propositions, jokes, innuendos, and slurs; stalking, staring, and other unwanted sexual or potentially sexual attention; display of pornographic material; etc. If you are unsure whether something might be considered sexual harassment, simply don’t do it! Understand that clear verbal consent is paramount in all interactions and relationships. If you feel you have been sexually harassed and do not want to confront the perpetrator directly, please bring the issue to the camp coordinator or another with whom you feel comfortable. We will make every effort to address the situation in a way that feels appropriate to the person who has been harassed. In most minor cases, the perpetrator will be given a warning and an opportunity to change his or her behavior. If there is a second offense, the perpetrator will be required to leave the camp. Serious offenses may be reported to authorities.

Verbal Abuse, Bullying, and Oppressive Language

Thacker Pass Blockade will not tolerate verbal abuse, hate speech, or bullying of any kind, and we will not tolerate the use of oppressive language, including but not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, or other oppressive jokes, stereotypes, slurs, comments, etc. If you feel you have been verbally abused, bullied, demeaned or degraded, or made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe due to the use of oppressive language and do not want to confront the perpetrator directly, please bring the issue to the camp coordinator or to another whom you feel comfortable. We will make every effort to address the situation in a way that feels appropriate to the person who has been abused. In minor cases, the perpetrator may be given a warning and an opportunity to change her or his behavior. More serious offenses, and any second offenses, will result in the perpetrator being required to leave camp.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

We understand that conflict is inevitable in any community, and we strive to resolve our disputes in a way that is reasonable and fair to all parties involved. We encourage all of our protectors to develop conflict resolution, mediation, and nonviolent communication skills, and to fully participate in making this a safer space for everyone. We realize that misunderstandings can occur, and that even the most well intentioned actions can have unintended consequences. Because we come from so many different backgrounds, it is not always clear what is acceptable and what is offensive.

Whenever possible, people shall be given the opportunity to reconcile differences, change problematic behaviors, and make amends so that we can learn from our experiences and grow as human beings. In order to properly execute and sustain resistance work, however, we need to open our minds and be receptive to constructive criticism rather than becoming defensive when identified as exhibiting inappropriate behavior. There must be a willingness to apologize, admit wrong, compromise when appropriate, and try to see the other person’s point of view.

Camp coordinators are available if you need someone to talk to, have questions, or want help mediating a conflict.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

We do not tolerate the use of drugs and/or alcohol at Protect Thacker Pass Camp. You will be asked to leave if you bring these substances to camp or use these substances at camp.

I agree to abide by all of these Protect Thacker Pass Blockade Behavioral Policies, as outlined above, for as long as I am involved in this campaign.

COVID-19 Protocol

We are required to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, as well as all state and local requirements surrounding this pandemic. Above and beyond that, the health and safety of everyone involved in the blockade is our top priority, and we are committed to providing a safe and cooperative setting for this campaign.

In order to comply with regulations and in an effort to maximize safety, please commit to keeping yourself safe in the weeks leading up to joining us at the blockade, and throughout the duration of your stay. It would be a tradedy for us and for Thacker Pass to have someone fall ill.

We require strict adherence to these protocols to provide the safest possible experience for everyone:

1. Drive a personal vehicle to the encampment. Do not travel on airlines to PTP or in the two weeks prior your arrival.

2. Social distance for two weeks leading up to your arrival and stay home as much as possible.

3. Wear a mask whenever leaving your home, and practive rigorous hygiene including hand washing, not touching your face, using hand sanitizer, etc.

4. DO NOT COME if you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 in the two weeks leading up to your arrival, and/or you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 including fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, congestion, loss of sense of taste and smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

5. Commit to keeping 6 feet of space between yourself and others while you are at the blockade. Avoid hugs, handshakes and touching.

6. Commit to wearing a mask if circumstances require you and another person to be closer than 6 feet from one another or any time you are indoors and/or preparing food.

7. Commit to practicing safe hygiene by frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and not sharing food, utensils and other objects.

8. Diligently cover sneezes, coughs, robust laughter, etc.

9. Commit to leaving if you become ill.

We are relying on you to keep your agreement to follow the COVID-19 guidelines in the two weeks prior to joining the blockade. Not keeping this agreement could put yourself and our entire Protect Thacker Pass community at risk. Take this agreement seriously and follow through. It is an incredibly important piece of the success of our campaign. Thank you!

If you fail to follow camp rules or abide by Covid Safety Protocols, you will be asked to leave.

What to Bring

Positive attitude! Come prepared to work and assist with whatever is needed – camp chores, spreading the word, connecting to the land, and acting in a good way.


  • Reliable vehicle (4WD and chains not necessary right now)
  • Shelter (very sturdy tent, or sleep in your vehicle)
  • Sleeping bag (recommend winter bag or bring several extra blankets and a summer bag) – it’s still quite cold at night
  • Sleeping pad (recommend 2 pads in winter, not necessary now)


  • Sturdy boots or shoes
  • Extra pair of shoes or boots to wear when first pair get dirty
  • Warm layers (wool or synthetic base layers) you can remove as the day heats up
  • Not necessary right now: Gaiters or snow pants
  • Extra warm layers for cool/cold nights (Puffy jacket highly recommended for winter)
  • Wool socks, warm hat, scarf/balaclava for cool/cold nights; use balaclava for sun protection during the day
  • Warm gloves for cool/cold nights
  • Windproof layers (rain gear not as important right now)


  • Cloth or N-95 face mask
  • Hand sanitizer / wipes / soap
  • Headlamp or flashlight, extra batteries
  • Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (for light-skinned people)
  • Some kind of sun shelter, like a canopy or even a dark umbrella – the sun is intense as we move into summer
  • Small personal first aid kit, any medications you may need
  • Portable toilet bucket with wag bags or liners (something like this)
  • Toiletries, extra toilet paper
  • Moisturizer, chapstick (it’s dry)
  • Tarps and/or mats to help with mud management


  • Camp stove / fuel
  • Your own personal food supply (all food should be secured against rodents and wildlife)
  • Cooler with ice – extra important right now as it is hot and dry during the day
  • Around 5 gallons of water per person (you can refill nearby, but for safety carry a good amount)
  • Plate, bowl, spoon, cup, etc.
  • Coffee, tea, any personal snacks you want to bring


  • Donations of supplies for camp – contact us for current needs, always firewood
  • Personal Items (journal, book, camera, computer, art supplies, instrument)
  • Not necessary right now: Exterior heat source (stove for hot tent, buddy heater, firewood)
  • Car charger for phone
  • Camp chair
  • Shovel – useful for fire protection also
  • Small fire extinguisher

Come prepared for a remote location with challenging weather conditions. This list is updated regularly. Day time temperatures are starting to really heat up, although nights are still cool to cold. The sun and wind can be intense at camp, so be prepared.

Families and children welcome!

Pets are strongly discouraged. This is sensitive habitat. If dogs are brought, they need to stay on a leash. Well-behaved dogs only.

LAST UPDATE: May 12, 2021

Want to get involved?

As a movement for the health of our earth, the people that live here, and the health of the ecosystems necessary for life of any kind on this planet, we are always expanding, growing, learning, and resisting. If you feel called to help Thacker Pass and/or help with related actions, we would love to hear from you!