This interview with Max Wilbert was recorded back in late December, before he and Will left for Thacker Pass.

It is an in-depth interview with great information about the lithium mining project that’s planned for this area, but even more important, Max’s wonderful descriptions of Thacker Pass and the beings who live there. He speaks eloquently of the silence — no man made sounds — just nature and wind, so rare for any of us to experience in this modern world.

One lithium mine will destroy this incredible place for eons; there are thousands of lithium claims on the books in Nevada, and lithium has been designated as a strategic mineral by the US government.

A new gold rush, oil rush has begun in the US West. Nevada is one of the least populated states in the United States, and because of that, it still has great habitat for species left. This will not last for long if we cannot stop this lithium “gold” rush.

If you are concerned with what’s happening, and especially if you are thinking of joining Protect Thacker Pass as a volunteer, I urge you to listen to this interview so you get great information about what Max and Will and the rest of the team are doing, why we’re protesting, and what we hope to accomplish.