Two recent executive orders, one by the Trump administration in September 2020, and now one by the Biden administration today, February 24, 2021, will cause a massive increase in mining in the United States in the years to come unless we can stop them.

These executive orders require assessment and recommendations for supply chains of critical metals and materials, including lithium, rare earth metals, and other materials, with an emphasis on building domestic supply for these materials.

Today’s EO references electric vehicle batteries specifically. The EO requires “specific policy recommendations for ensuring a resilient supply chain for the sector” and “developing domestic supplies”.

We need to let this administration know that expanding mining to build technologies that we do not need for life, including more cars and batteries, is unacceptable.

We can do this by putting up a hell of a fight at Thacker Pass. We can send a message to the administration that dramatically increasing mining and the environmental destruction that comes with it will be difficult if not impossible because of the resistance we will mount.

Please join us at Thacker Pass or online or in the media or via donation to help us send this very important message to the administration: YOU SHALL NOT PASS! You shall NOT blow up this mountain for EV batteries. You shall NOT blow up any other mountain or desert or forest for metals and minerals and materials we do not need to live on this beautiful planet. It is NOT worth the sacrifice we and the other beings on Earth will have to make in habitat, clean air, clean water, clean soil.

Join us. Help stop this NOW.
Thank you.

You can read the full Executive Orders here:
Biden administration:
Trump administration:

Photo of the beautiful, magical, sacred Thacker Pass by Max.

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