Donations and Funding

Donate to Protect Thacker Pass

Your donation to Protect Thacker Pass will be used to help fund camp supplies, travel costs for campers and visitors, and a legal defense fund. See the current list of camp needs if you’d like to donate something directly.

Donate to People of Red Mountain

Besides Protect Thacker Pass, there are multiple organizations dedicated to this struggle. One of these is called People of Red Mountain, or Atsa Koodakuh wyh Nuwu, a native organization made up of people from the Fort McDermitt and Duck Valley Tribes. We encourage supporters to donate to People of Red Mountain in addition to, or instead of, donating to Protect Thacker Pass.  All donations will cover expenses such as events, food, gas, supplies, legal aid, traveling costs, other necessities, etc. Here is a link to their fundraiser:

Request Funding

If you need help with funding to get to camp, please fill out and submit the form below. There are limited funds available. Please don’t be shy to ask for help if you need it, but please also don’t be mad at us if we have to say no! Funding support will be prioritized based on the needs of the campaign.