All right. May 21st. Thacker Pass. We’re experiencing a pretty intense winter-like storm here for two days now. It’s been snowing pretty good. Wind’s been whipping. Temperatures pretty low – not entirely below freezing, but with the wind chill probably into the 20s. Maybe even the teens this morning. It’s brisk out here.

So we postponed the gathering that was scheduled for tomorrow, May 22nd. Talked with folks and just doesn’t make sense to try and get big group up here when temperatures are like this, conditions are like this. Challenging to just be up here. Being out of the car requires some pretty serious outdoor gear. So we’re calling that one off for now. That’s gonna be rescheduled into June 5th, I believe.

So the upcoming date then is May 25th. The meeting with the NDEP (Nevada Division of Environmental Protection). We need folks to show up for that meeting. You know, make their voices heard. Speak out against this project and show the strength of the opposition to this.

We’re still getting more and more press coverage. People are interested in the story because it’s an important story. Because it’s a critical story. Because the world is being lied to and misled around these green technologies. I believe fossil fuels are a serious problem. I believe global warming is a serious problem and I’ve experienced that myself. I know the science. I’ve studied it in detail and at the same time, this is not a solution. This is not how we’re gonna deal with it. It’s not going to be like this. It’s not going to be by blowing up mountains and building cars. That’s not how we’re going to fix global warming. If anything, it’s only going to make it worse. That’s why you have the CEO of Toyota, the largest car company in the world, saying that the more electric cars we build the higher carbon emissions will go. That’s what we’ve seen – emissions have been rising year after year after year even as these technologies have proliferated.

It’s because they’re not actually addressing the issue. The issue is not what’s under the hood of the car. The issue is car culture. The issue is the destruction of the planet; the destruction of soils, forests; the burning of fossil fuels which is implicated in the production of lithium, in the production of electric cars. These technologies take a great deal of fossil fuels to create, maintain, expand, deploy, etc.

So we need people out here to protect this place. Hopefully, this storm is a one-off and we’ll be moving into the summer here pretty soon. The summer solstice is coming up in one month. And so I hope folks will come out and participate in this – organize, work with us, let’s get together. If you haven’t checked it out already, the People of Red Mountain community and of the Fort McDermitt tribe made a statement that’s online – their official opposition to this project. They’ve also got a petition up and they’ve got a fundraiser up. If you want to support that, boost that, share that, I’ll link those in the description of this video. And speak out on these issues. We need people to start doing what they can to build political pressure on these issues. The way that the moratorium on the Oak Flat copper mine was passed, in part, was letters from something like 23 US federal senators to the Department of the Interior. We need to build that same level of pressure. So start calling your politicians. Start writing letters. Tell them about what is going on here. Tell them about the importance of these issues. That you as a constituent understand what’s at stake and understand that this electric car business is a false solution…that the governments can’t be putting billions of dollars in subsidies towards this. Any wonder Elon Musk is the richest man in the world? Government money just gets thrown his way. So that’s all for now. My fingers are getting pretty numb. I’m gonna get back in the tent, try to warm up a little bit. See y’all soon. Bye.